In 37 Chicago Precincts, Romney Received No Votes

In 37 Chicago Precincts, Romney Received No Votes


Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney arrives to his election night rally, Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012, in Boston. President Obama defeated Republican challenger former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that in 59 Philadelphia precincts, Mitt Romney did not receive a single vote. So Ward Room decided to look at the results in the president’s hometown, and see if he won as many shutouts here. The answer: no. Romney was rejected by every voter in only 37 Chicago precincts, an embarrassing result, given that segregation and Machine politics are two of our city’s most notable qualities. Here’s the list, with the percentage of African-Americans in each ward, and the percentage of votes Obama received there overall.

    6th Ward (97.5 percent African-American; 99.3 percent Obama)
23: 457-0
26: 481-0
33: 406-0

    7th Ward (92 percent African-American; 98.6 percent Obama)
15: 526-0

    9th Ward (93 percent African-American; 99 percent Obama)
5: 504-0
36: 483-0
49: 523-0

    15th Ward (24 percent African-American; 93.3 percent Obama)
7: 477-0
18: 482-0
21: 397-0
23: 503-0
24: 460-0

16th Ward (69 percent African-American; 98.3 percent Obama)
3: 478-0
15: 526-0
26: 497-0

    17th Ward (82 percent African-American; 98.3 percent Obama)
33: 440-0
37: 450-0
38: 576-0
41: 573-0

    20th Ward (79 percent African-American; 98.5 percent Obama)
6: 550-0
11: 669-0
14: 445-0

    21st Ward (98 percent African-American; 99.3 percent Obama)
16: 549-0
24: 536-0
25: 504-0
29: 550-0

    24th Ward (85 percent African-American; 99.1 percent Obama)
4: 411-0
8: 304-0
33: 327-0
35: 533-0

    27th Ward (55 percent African-American; 89.3 percent Obama)
3: 381-0

28th Ward (72 percent African-American; 95.3 percent Obama)
15: 168-0
41: 438-0

    29th Ward (68 percent African-American; 93.4 percent Obama)
3: 549-0
27: 496-0

    34th Ward (97 percent African-American; 99.3 percent Obama)
28: 480-0
52: 378-0



The Myth of the Missing Three Million Republicans

A score of people this past week have asked me about the three million Republicans allegedly “missing” at the polls this year.  For starters, if the Washington Post is to be believed, Mitt Romney received 1.3 million fewer votes than John McCain did in 2008, not 3 million.  For the record, Obama received 7.5 million fewer votes in 2012 than he did in 2008.

More than 1.1 million of the Republican votes were “lost” in California.  It is not that California Republicans turned against Romney.
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Cuyahoga County Cleveland Voter fraud

The unofficial tally shows that Obama won Cuyahoga County by 236,478 votes.



In Ohio’s other 87 counties combined, Romney won by 129,219 votes.

In other words, without Cuyahoga County, Romney was the winner in Ohio. 

Rich Exner is The Plain Dealer’s data analysis editor

Obama Machine Prepares 2nd Term Agenda Blitzkrieg


The freakishly weasel-like Valerie Jarrett warned Americans not voting for President Obama , “After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded; the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. No election to worry about after this is over and we have two judges ready to go.”


89 Year Old World War 2 Veteran arrested AFTER proving Voting twice is possible

The man clearly explained that he was testing the system.   

Raleigh man accused of double voting says system is flawed

RALEIGH, N.C. — An 89-year-old Raleigh man accused of voter fraud said he was trying to prove a point by casting two ballots.

“I think the election system is pathetic,” Leland Duane Lewis said Wednesday.

Lewis, a retired engineer and World War II veteran, said he has been a faithful voter since 1949.

On Oct. 29, 2010, Lewis said he voted early at the Optimist Center in Raleigh.

“I voted on the front of the ballot – just the front,” he said.

Lewis said he wondered how easy it would be to get a second ballot, so he went to his regular polling place, St. Raphael’s Catholic Church, on Election Day. He said he gave his name and address to precinct officials and was given a ballot.

“So, I voted the back of the ballot,” he said. “They should’ve had information that said, ‘Hey Mister, you voted.'”

Lewis said he told volunteers at the polling place what happened on Election Day, but he wasn’t charged with a crime until Wednesday.

“I wasn’t hiding it. I was reporting it, so we could discuss this,” he said.

Lewis said he did it to prove that the voting process if flawed.

“I’m not going to double vote. I don’t believe in that,” he said.

Lewis, of 5416 Alpine Drive, was released from the Wake County jail on Wednesday after posting a $10,000 bond. He could face up to 15 months in prison if convicted.

“I want to see them straighten out the election system,” he said.

Wake County Board of Elections Deputy Director Gary Sims said he could not talk about Lewis’ case because he might be called to testify.

Sims said Election Day polling places get lists of those who voted early or absentee and precinct workers have to manually check to make sure people do not vote twice.

It’s not clear what happened in Lewis’ case.

Voter fraud, illegal activities reported in several states

As a result of Tuesday’s presidential election, several reports are coming in of voter fraud by the Democratic Party, particularly in key states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, and Florida where in St. Lucie County, the unofficial vote count showed 175,554 registered voters but 247,713 vote cards were cast coming to 141.10% .

At one particular polling place in the same county, they recorded 158.85% voter turnout which turned out to be the highest in the county.

From a website, “Barack Obama Voter Fraud 2012“, an individual has been compiling reports of voter fraud by theDemocrats and posting them with the intention to eventually submit them to Governor Mitt Romney, who lost to President Obama.

Some of the reports on the website include that ten counties in Colorado had 104 percent to 140 percent voter turnout while dozens of counties in Ohio had President Obama winning 100 percent of the vote.